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Party Platter

Perfect for your tea time gatherings, our party platter offers a delicious mix of our best flavours, paired with refreshing drinks. Ideal for office tea breaks, meeting refreshments or afternoon get-togethers.


  • 10 Custard Wheel Pies
  • 10 Red Bean Wheel Pies
  • 10 Bottles (Tea or Milk Tea)

Tea Series:
Assam Black Tea | Osmanthus Oolong Tea | Tung-Tung Oolong Tea | Jin Xuan Oolong Tea

Milk Tea Series:
Taro Milk Tea | Thai Milk Tea | Brown Sugar Milk Tea | Pandan Milk Tea

Price: $126  $99

Flavour Mix

Experience a variety of flavours with this special offer. Perfect for sharing with friends, family, or colleagues during tea time. Mix and match to create the perfect afternoon snack experience.


  • 10 Assorted Wheel Pies (with your choice of flavours)

Original Taiwan Flavours:
Custard Cream | Red Bean | Taiwan Taro | Purple Sweet Potato | Earl Grey Custard | Strawberry Custard

Singapore Flavours:
Pandan Custard | Milo Custard

Savoury Flavours:
Lobster Salad | Truffle Mushroom

Price: $39  $30

We're Proud to Be Featured

"Known for their soft and chewy texture, ingredients are sourced directly from Taiwan, such as red beans from Wandan and taro from Dajia."
"I really loved how the sweet earl grey filling paired with the pancake batter and it gave the pie a nice light floral finish — definitely a must-get."
"They are loved for their wheel pies that have a soft and chewy texture, crafted using ingredients sourced directly from Taiwan."
"One of the best things about Mister Wheel is that all their wheel cakes are freshly prepared upon ordering, so you can always expect a piping hot and deliciously fresh treat. With a wide variety of flavours to choose from, there’s something for everyone."