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Mister Wheel Taiwanese Wheel Pies


Red Bean Wheel Pie
Red Bean Wheel Pie
Taro Wheel Pie
Custard Wheel Pie
Custard Wheel pie
Matcha Wheel Pie
Wheel Pies

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to 不貳光. 

Previously, while operating a homestay and guiding foreign guests around, we discovered that red bean wheel pies were not only a highly sought-after treat but also a widely beloved traditional Taiwanese snack.

This realisation sparked a small dream –
the dream of sharing this delightful taste
with the world.


From a humble roadside stall to our unique storefront, we, 不貳光 (bù èr guāng), have always been about whipping up tasty wheel pies right on the spot, delivering top-notch service, and creating visually and tastefully satisfying wheel pies.

Customised Stamp

Simply send in your company logo or personal design for a for a unique and memorable touch.

Customised Logos

Event Booth

Birthdays, Weddings, Internal & External corporate events, Product launches, Exhibition events & more


Bazaar Booth

• Collaborative Markets

• Cross-Industry Partnerships

• Family Day


Our Services

Other products

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